AE Testimonial  ارسال لصديق

The following is the story of brother AE in his own words.  It has not been edited in any way.  Only his initials are posted here in order to protect him from reprisal by Majdy Wardah (مجدي  وردة) and to prevent damage to his reputation due to his association with Wardah.




            I met Majdy Wardah in the spring of 2004.  Through many financial dealings, I was deceived and hurt.  My wife and I gave Majdy Wardah a big portion of our time, and money.  We were sincere in doing so.  His response to this was to try to turn my wife against me by constantly having her doubt me and my intentions.  He used pity to make her feel sorry for him and to try to get her to do things for him, including giving money, writing letters, and other “secretarial” work (as he called her his secretary and nurse).  I swear by Allah my testimony is authentic.  Wallahi I tried my best to be a good student and to treat him better than I treat my own father.  Unfortunately, I realized that Majdy Wardah took advantage of my wife and me through our kindness.  He was cruel in dealing with me a lot of the time.  Wallahi I never harmed Majdy Wardah in anyway intentionally.  I did everything I could to advise him and help him, and I fought beside him against many people, blindly believing him to be upon the truth due to his knowledge.

            My testimony is long because I spent a significant part of my life with Majdy Wardah.  I hope that Majdy Wardah reads this and repents.  I want him to know that he has put so much hatred in my heart towards him because of his ill treatment of me, yet I stood by him patiently and supported him.  May Allah guide him and give him what he deserves, ameen.



Full Text

            I met Majdy Wardah in the spring of 2004 (May-June) along with brother ZH in Philadelphia.  We were impressed with his knowledge and firmness in speaking about the Sunnah.  The brother and I took several trips to New Jersey to attend Majdy Wardah's lectures in Jersey City and East Orange.  Majdy Wardah at one point invited us both to his house with two other brothers and declared us to be his students at this point.  Shortly after, he departed for Egypt for several months during which time my contact with him was limited to a few phone calls.

            During the month of Ramadan of that year (October-November 2004), Majdy Wardah returned from Egypt.  A few months later we learned that he had entered into an oral contract with a brother to purchase a house in South Philadelphia near the United Muslim Masjid on 15th and Catherine Streets. Majdy Wardah took brother ZH and I to Sears to purchase items for his new house.  When his credit was declined at the store (which he knew would happen because his score is very low), Majdy Wardah asked me, to my discomfort, to open a credit card account with Sears in order for him to get a washer and dryer for his new home, which cost $1,200.  Sears promised no payments and no interest for a whole year.  Majdy Wardah had already spent around $40,000 (self claimed amount) to fix up the basement of the house and some other things in it (plumbing, etc.). He also had me use my credit score to get him some furniture on credit, which would cost about $4,000; another brother's (MS) name was included in this also.  This brother, MS, also used his name on the account for carpet placed in the house, which cost $2,000.

            There were major problems between Majdy Wardah and the brother that was selling the house to him, and a falling out occurred. By this point, Majdy Wardah had used my credit to get furniture, a washer, and a dryer.  I was a college student, and there was no way I could afford to pay off these items. Majdy Wardah battled in court for this house and shortly after left for Egypt leaving the washer, dryer, and furniture payments outstanding.  Brother MS recommended that I call Sears and get them to pick up and return the washer and dryer, which I did.  He also recommended I call the furniture store and get my name removed from the application.  I contacted the gentleman at the furniture story, and he was extremely angry and cursed Majdy Wardah. He reluctantly agreed to release me from responsibility since I stated that I did not order the furniture nor was I capable of paying for it!

            I felt that Majdy Wardah was irresponsible and left me in a harmful situation, and I started to back away from him. 

            Problems did not really come up again until January of 2006. Brother ZH had loaned Majdy Wardah $6,000 more than a year previous to this to purchase a car (see ZH's testimony for more details).  During the first half of 2006, Majdy Wardah had mentioned that he had problems with ZH.  He cried to me; he gave a khutbah about backbiting and claimed that an Egyptian brother who worked in the university ZH and I attended had turned ZH against him. He told me ZH was rude and had sold him out even though Majdy Wardah had taught him and tried to get him married to his own daughter. He showed me a few of the emails brother ZH had sent him in which he was direct and firm with him but omitted to show me many other emails where ZH had tried to resolve the matter peacefully.  Majdy Wardah also convinced me to be aggressive with ZH and to boycott him because he was bad, and he had committed a crime against him.  He had me write a letter to ZH, which I was not too comfortable with, but he had used some of ZH's more aggressive emails to fuel me against him.  ZH and I spent two and half years without talking, although we were best friends.  When I questioned Majdy Wardah about the loan he took from ZH, he would always say “So what? What is $6,000? It is nothing!” and I would tell him that it is ZH’s life savings since he was a fresh college graduate. I felt a guilt in my heart that pushed me to try to get the rights back for my brother in Islam.

            I started working in April 2006 and got married in May of the same year, and my wife moved in with me in July 2006.  This was when the serious problems started occurring.  Majdy Wardah had done the marriage certificate for my wife and me, and he had called people to come to our walima and had cake to celebrate and announce our marriage. I told him that I would have my wife ask Islamic questions through me, a statement that he would use against me for years to come saying that I am “extreme.”  Wallahi the actions were all natural from my heart, and I could not hold back my jealousy.   He would try for years to talk ill of me to my wife and turn her against me.  My wife withheld much of this information in order not to create a fitnah between us, may Allah reward her for her intentions.  However, upon discovering his true nature, my wife told me of his attempts to sabotage me behind my back and make me look bad in her eyes.

            Majdy Wardah was in Egypt again between the end of January and mid-July 2007.  Within a week of the birth of my son at the beginning of June 2007, Majdy Wardah asked me for $1,100 in cash.  He said he was desperate, and he really needed it.  Being a father for the first time, I wanted to help someone who claimed that I was like his son and someone that I sometimes would look up to as a father.  I say this because we had a love-hate relationship, where he would push me to my limits sometimes.

            Around the end of June 2007, I offered $1,000 to pay Majdy Wardah’s loan to ZH.  I did this because I felt guilty that I did not try harder to get ZH his money; after all, he was my best friend.  I put this pressure on Majdy Wardah also to make sure that he starts paying ZH back because I have seen that he has not yet made the effort and would always say that he cannot pay him until ZH shows him some respect and that he wants to win ZH back.  Majdy Wardah told me to write ZH’s name on one of the signed checks he had left with me. Whenever Majdy Wardah would go to Egypt, he would leave signed checks with my wife and me to pay certain bills for him on his behalf. Majdy Wardah told me to pay his rent of $805 instead of the $1,000 check I was going to write for ZH because he wanted to show ZH that the money was coming from him.  On July 5, 2007, I paid Majdy Wardah’s rent and had the check delivered to ZH around the same time.    I also included with the check I left with ZH a strongly worded letter. I was harsh in the letter because I sincerely thought that Majdy Wardah was trying to pay ZH back his money, and I had seen Majdy Wardah struggle financially over the years; he would cry to me about his son needing a CAT scan and how he cannot afford to pay rent, etc.  Majdy Wardah had also only shown me some of ZH’s emails to him which painted an improper picture that ZH was being rude with Majdy Wardah; rather ZH had tried several times to reconcile in a peaceful and respectful manner which was hidden from me.  Unfortunately, I had given a copy of the letter I left with ZH to Majdy Wardah who requested to see it.  I did not know that he would use this letter against me to try to demonstrate that I have become a slanderer against him. Anyway, it is a proof against him that even those closest to him leave after they find out the truth about him and it is an embarrassment for him also.

            Majdy Wardah returned to the US from Egypt sometime during late summer 2007. He had gotten an Omega watch as a gift and traded it for a Breitling watch, paying a difference of $4,000. Shortly after, he had that same Breitling watch fixed for $539.29.  I did not find out about these expenditures until later, which made me very angry and disappointed.  When I asked him about this watch, he gave me two separate excuses on two different occasions: 1. He bought the watch as an investment and that he would sell it when it went up in value.  2. He bought the watch so that his kids have something of his to remember him by.

            During these summer months, he was having some problems with his daughter and son-in-law, and there was a serious family rift.  Because the problems were so bad, I decided to forgive the debt he owed me for two reasons: 1. relieve some of his stress because it seemed like he was going to die 2. be like the man mentioned in the hadith, who forgave debts from those who were struggling and went to paradise for his generosity.  Majdy Wardah had given me his old Citizen watch that he owned previous to the Omega and asked me to sell it on eBay to make up some of the difference for the new Breitling watch he bought.  The watch did not meet the reserve price of around $200 so I kept it, and before a class he gave in East Orange, I told him I had found someone to buy it for $2,700. He was astonished, and I told him that I bought it for $2,700 (meaning that I forgave his debt to me of $2,700).  Instead of giving me the benefit of the doubt, he looked at me and said, “If you’re saying that so that I never ask you for any more money, then you’re really smart.”  I was devastated by this comment.  He then said that I should deduct $300 (the cost of the watch in his mind) from the debt of $2,700 that he owed me and that he would pay the remaining amount.  I forgave the debt, took the watch, and I never opened the subject with him again. The only time Majdy Wardah opened the subject was when he would use this incident to try to convince my wife that I was rude and how offended he was by my actions; it was not to pay back the money as he claimed he would.

            Just before 'Eidul-Adha in December 2007, Majdy Wardah got a brand new, fully loaded 2008 Honda Pilot, which cost between $32,000-$35,000.  Of course, he did not pay a dime for it. He had brother BH pay for it, and he claimed that it was for da’wah purposes. The car was to be paid in installments with 0% interest. Majdy Wardah also had us stay with him in Atlantic City for ‘Eid after his khutbah.  He introduced us to a family and said they were good family friends from the past.  I started to like brother MA and his son, who was close to my age.  Brother MA and I continued to grow our friendship outside of Majdy Wardah’s “watchful eye.”  This upset Majdy Wardah, and he complained to my wife about it.  He stated that he did not like how I had a direct relationship with MA and how I had not gone through him to talk to brother MA.

            Majdy Wardah in January of 2008 sold his Nissan Pathfinder to brother AP in Atlantic City for $5,000.  AP financed the car through me.  Basically, Majdy Wardah had brother AP take a loan of $6,000 from me and give Majdy Wardah $5,000. AP would pay me $300 a month for 20 months (which he has been quite consistent with).  When AP was late with a payment, Majdy Wardah called and yelled at him; whenever Majdy Wardah was late with a payment, he would yell at those who questioned him - total hypocrisy. Majdy Wardah asked me to be a sponsor for AP’s wife so she could get a green card.  I was not comfortable with it, and by the qadr (predecree) of Allah, MA called me and was saying how his wife needed a sponsor for her green card.  When I declined Majdy Wardah’s request to do the sponsorship for AP’s wife, Majdy Wardah got upset and told my wife, “If Prophet Muhammad brought someone and asked for this favor, would you do it for him?”  My wife simply replied by telling him that he is not the prophet.  Majdy Wardah was upset that I later agreed to do the same paperwork for MA, whom I trusted more.

            Meanwhile, Majdy Wardah was debating how to use the $5,000 he received from selling his Nissan Pathfinder.  I told him to give ZH the money, and he replied that he could give ZH $2,500 and another brother $2,500 who lived in his apartment complex, since he also owed that brother $4,500.  I did not mention this before, but this was the second time that Majdy Wardah was given $5,000; previous to this, someone from overseas sent him an unexpected “gift” of $5,000.  What Majdy Wardah eventually did with the $5,000 was the same thing he did with the other $5,000 “gift”, he spent it on himself.  He purchased a $1,400 rug; he told us that his old $80 carpet with a blemish on it was not befitting for him so he gave it to us.  He bought another couch since his old one was a little worn and did not befit him.  In the past, he would always say, "I need this money for my son’s CAT scan or his college tuition."  I was completely angered when I saw how he spent his money on items that were useless.  When I confronted him about it, he said that he was “passing by the rug store by chance” and went in.  He also said that he purchased the rug for “da'wah” purposes stating that he wants people who come to his house to feel comfortable, which he claims would encourage them to enter Islam.

            Majdy Wardah also asked me several times to purchase parking sensors for his new 2008 Honda Pilot.  The car already had a backup camera, but he wanted to put parking sensors also. He also wanted to get Bluetooth installed (which cost around $1,000) so that he could use his car’s stereo to answer his calls. I purchased the sensors for him reluctantly, after him asking me many times; the cost was $572.84.

            In February 2008, Majdy Wardah asked my wife for her American Express (AMEX) card, which is an extension of my AMEX account. He claimed that he wanted the card because he may purchase “groceries” with it since he was having financial difficulties.  He told her to ask me first, and when at a Honda dealership in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, he took the AMEX card from her to pay for his new floor mats ($126.32).  He did not even ask my wife if I had agreed yet or not, and out of shyness, my wife did not take the card back.  A full copy of the document is available on this website.  We confronted Majdy Wardah in his house before he left to Egypt about the bill, which at the time had reached around $3,000.  He complained and said that we were oppressors and accused us of not trusting him.  He said my wife was rude because she doubted him and questioned his “philosophy” in spending, a word he would use to verbally abuse us for the next 6 months.  He even said that he was thinking of taking the card to Egypt with him!  He had planned to leave for Egypt on March 12, 2008.  Before this, he came to my house while I was at work and left an envelope with $2,000 in it.  He said that he “struggled” to get this money for us. Then he continued to spend more money on the card until the bill reached $5,101.33 (not including the parking sensors; although he did use my wife’s card to pay for the installation). 

            Before he left for Egypt on March 12, 2008, Majdy Wardah gave us a check for $1,000. At the airport, he had me pay $450 for his extra luggage since he had many gifts to take back to his family; most of them were purchased with my American Express card. He was not even willing to pay the charges himself; he looked over at me and another brother who came to the airport with us expecting us to cover his bill!

            A day after Majdy Wardah’s departure, his lawyer called me so that he could get a fax number to send important INS documents for Majdy Wardah. I called Majdy Wardah in Egypt to inform him and ask him what he wanted me to do.  First, he said he was completely disappointed in me for not apologizing to him before he left to Egypt for the whole “AMEX incident” (basically because I asked for my rights).  I gave a fake apology and made a promise that I would not call him again while he is in Egypt because I was completely angered by his arrogance. I scanned and sent his INS document, which was for his United States citizenship interview.

            While in Egypt, my wife called him and told him that we cannot afford to pay the AMEX bill, and he reluctantly agreed to sign over a check to us and told my wife not to show me the check because he knew it would make me angry.  I saw the check before depositing it; it was from brother BH’s bank account.  This brother, BH, was the same person paying for Majdy Wardah’s car, and he had given Majdy Wardah monthly checks for ($1,000 each) so that Majdy Wardah could pay back a person in Egypt that threatened to take Majdy Wardah's furniture if he did not pay him back a $40,000 loan he owed. Brother BH had also paid $20,000 on Majdy Wardah’s behalf to the person upfront as part of the agreement.  I was very mad because I hate for someone else to have to pay for Majdy Wardah's mistakes.  I paid the AMEX bill and was left with $80 in my bank account.  Al-hamdulillah, Allah is the best of providers.

            Majdy Wardah had to cut his vacation to Egypt short so that he could attend his citizenship interview in the United States and returned only a month after his departure (April 2008).  At this point, my wife and I were both tired of dealing with Majdy Wardah, and we started to distance ourselves from him.  Al-hamdulillah my wife got to see first-hand how his personality is, and so it made it easier for both of us to be convinced that we needed to stop being so close to him.  I confronted Majdy Wardah about the fact that he did not pay the AMEX bill in full and left me stuck.  All he said was, “You’re like my son. So what if you’re stuck?” I truly doubt this is the way a father should act with his son.  I told him I was closing my AMEX card because I believed that it was wrong Islamically since it was close to a regular credit card and that I did not want to live spending so much money then use all the money in my bank account to pay the bill.  I made this decision after listening to a series of lectures by a scholar in Islamic finance.  Majdy Wardah was upset and told me that I should have “consulted” him before making such an important decision.

            On July 18, 2008, Majdy Wardah called my wife and asked her to ask me for a short cash loan of $1,500, which he promised to pay back quickly.  My wife told me to take money from her account, and she would tell him that it was my money.  She did not want Majdy Wardah to know that she had money; otherwise, he would pressure her into giving money too.  I put the money into his account on July 18, 2008, a few days before his court hearing with brother ZH.  On the day of the court hearing, July 22, 2008, I was at Majdy Wardah’s apartment in the morning preparing with him to go to court; he pressured me into going with him because he needed emotional support.  He was scheming a way to try to convince the judge that he had no money.  He told me to print his bank statement, which I did.  He then yelled at me for printing out the “wrong” statement, which showed that he had more than $1,000 in his account (different account than the one I put the money in on the previous day).  He then told me to print the other statement, which showed he had less than $100.  He told me, “You want the judge to know I have money so he will take it?”  I wondered, if he was sincere,  in wanting to repay the debt, then why did he say this.?

            Shortly after the court date, Majdy Wardah came to my house, and before entering my apartment, he made me feel guilty by saying that I did not help him enough to repay his debt to ZH. I felt bad, and I offered him an arrangement where I would ask my dad for $2,500 and have my wife ask her mother for $2,500 to give as a loan to Majdy Wardah to repay ZH.  I told him previously, that I had asked my dad for money for a car loan, and I asked Majdy Wardah if it would be considered lying if I took that money from my dad and gave him the money.  Majdy Wardah was silent.

            Majdy Wardah called my wife a day or two later and told her that he needs $5,000 from her mom and $5,000 from my dad!  She told him that brother ZH’s loan was only $5,000.  He said that he does not want it for that and that it doesn’t matter what he needs the money for and that he needs to collect $50,000 before going to Egypt.  He later gave two different stories for why he needed the money: 1. For his daughter’s wedding 2. Someone he owed a debt to was threatening to take his furniture and that would humiliate him in front of his family (this was the same $40,000 debt that BH was helping him repay).  He also mentioned to me that he does not plan to pay ZH back and asked, “What is he (ZH) going to do to me?” and I told him that he can put him in jail. Majdy Wardah said that ZH had just said that he would report him to the credit bureau, which would damage his credit; his credit was already low, and thus he did not care.  Majdy Wardah did this with his medical bills also to the degree that the hospitals were starting to subpoena him.  He had my wife write letters to them claiming that he could not afford to pay and that he needed charity money to cover his expenses.

            My father had some financial troubles and so he could not offer me the loan for the car at the moment.  Majdy Wardah kept pushing me to ask my dad, and I told him that would be rude and inconsiderate.  He said that it would not be rude at all.  But why would he push me to get money for a car loan and give it to him? Again, I would have had to lie to my father, which he was silent about.  I do not understand how someone who claims to devote his life to da’wah and helping people learn the truth could be silent on an issue that is so crystal clear! I expected a reaction like, “Of course don’t lie to your father!”  I asked my dad, and he said I would have to wait.  Majdy Wardah called my wife and kept asking her to ask her mother for the money. My wife told him that she did not want to ask her mother because it would make her mother suspicious of me.  She told him that to her mother, it would seem like her husband was not providing adequately for her daughter. Also it would be hard for her to ask her mother since she just came back from vacation in Egypt.  He kept pushing her and said, “I’m not going to ask again” in a threatening way, which he did not, and al-hamdulillah we did not borrow money from anyone to give him.  To my knowledge, he managed to get 4 loans of $5,000 (totaling $20,000) before leaving for Egypt again in August 2008.

            On August 4, 2008, Majdy Wardah claimed he needed another $1,400 desperately for his rent and expenses.  He said that a brother (one of the ones who loaned him $5,000) was going to deposit the loan he promised Majdy Wardah at the end of the week.  I put $1,400 in his account, again borrowing the money from my wife.  Majdy Wardah paid the $1,400 back a week later after receiving the $5,000 loan from the aforementioned brother. However, Majdy Wardah did not mention anything about the previous loan of $1,500 from July 18, 2008 that he promised to pay promptly.  He had also told me not to call brother AP who was paying back the car loan to us (for purchasing Majdy Wardah’s Pathfinder). The reason he gave was that AP had caused fitnah for him in Atlantic City, New Jersey with the imam of a masjid there.  Majdy Wardah also told me not to answer brother AP’s calls or the imam’s calls or to go to Atlantic City to give a khutbah or anything like that, which basically meant for me to totally disconnect from that community.  He said that if the brother misses two payments for the car, that I should write my name on the title of the car (the brother had signed the title in case we needed to repossess the car), take the spare keys (which Majdy Wardah had given me) and go get the car.  I asked Majdy Wardah, “What about the money that the brother has paid?”  To this, Majdy Wardah said, “The money will be RENT for me.”  Majdy Wardah already got his $5,000 for selling his car and has no right to any more money. Previously, he had asked me to be the sponsor for this brother’s wife to stay in America, and now Majdy Wardah was warning me against him. I began to get more suspicious of Majdy Wardah.

            Majdy Wardah left for Egypt on August 25, 2008.  We did not communicate much with him since we were tired of his terrible treatment.  From time to time, he would say that we put a “black mark” on the relationship because we asked for the AMEX bill to be paid.  He would say, “Remember the days of the philosophy (i.e. when you asked what my philosophy in spending is)?”  He would point out his expensive expenditures and say, “Remember the day of the carpet?” or, “Look at this Nokia N95. Add it to the list of expenses.” He would verbally abuse us, and we tried to be polite and take it jokingly. One of the only times I can remember talking to him is when a brother asked me if I had money for him.  I asked him why, and he said that he knew Majdy Wardah had left checks and that one of them was for him.  I contacted Majdy Wardah by SMS, and he called me.  He took the brother’s number and said he would call and sort the matter out.  Apparently, Majdy Wardah took $2,250 worth of gold from the brother’s store and did not pay him as he promised.  As of April 27, 2009 (the last time I spoke with the brother), Majdy Wardah has not paid this brother back for the gold he took from him.

            After the birth of my second son (in November 2008), I called brother BH and told him the good news.  He sounded upset and told me that he was in financial trouble and that Majdy Wardah kept asking him for money.  I was not aware of all this brother’s dealings with Majdy Wardah at this point.  Apparently, between March 2008 and August 2008, Majdy Wardah took more than $80,000 from brother BH!  Majdy Wardah told him all the money was for the da’wah just like the Honda Pilot was.  Majdy Wardah had, like always, left checks with us to deposit for him.  A set of checks were monthly checks from brother BH for $1,000 each (to pay back the family that threatened to take Majdy Wardah's furniture in Egypt), and another set of checks were made out to Honda for Majdy Wardah’s 2008 Pilot.  All of these checks were from brother BH’s account.

            Brother MA (Majdy Wardah had introduced me to him a year earlier as a lifelong friend) called me one day in late November 2008 to ask me if he should borrow money and give it to Majdy Wardah.  I told him that he should not worry himself too much about this situation; I did not want to expose Majdy Wardah at this time.  The brother then told me that he knows all about Majdy Wardah and that there are people that have been waiting for 15 years for their money.  During ‘Eid (December 8, 2008), I visited brother BH in Maryland, and we compared our notes and realized that Majdy Wardah takes advantage of people’s innocence to take their money.  This is where I learned that BH was paying for Majdy Wardah’s $40,000 loan that he took from people in Egypt.  Majdy Wardah had asked BH for $10,000 to pay back a brother that lived with Majdy Wardah in his apartment complex. The actual loan he had taken was for $4,500, and the brother told me over the phone that Majdy Wardah never paid him a penny of it back.

            After we had had enough, we sent Majdy Wardah an SMS to tell him not to call us anymore and that we wanted to part ways.  I called brother BH and sent him back his checks that Majdy Wardah had left with us because I did not feel right depositing these checks for Majdy Wardah, and since they are BH’s, he could deal with them.  Majdy Wardah called me one night to argue with me about why I had given BH his checks back.  I told Majdy Wardah that the checks are BH's right and belong to him.  Majdy Wardah yelled back and said that the checks were his rights.  After a few shouts back and forth, I told Majdy Wardah never to call us again, and I hung up.

            I went at the end of December 2008 to Atlantic City, New Jersey to make amends with the people I had boycotted for Majdy Wardah’s sake.  I spoke with the imam of the masjid and brother AP.  I discovered why Majdy Wardah did not want me to talk to them or go down to Atlantic City.  Majdy Wardah was the one who had caused major fitnah in that community, and he did not want me to find out about it.  I also learned that Majdy Wardah had me and others boycott the masjid in Chester for a fitnah he also caused.  In Chester, he made an agreement with the masjid that they would hire an imam.  Majdy Wardah told the board to pay all of the salary to him.  He would then give a portion to the imam and would keep a portion for himself since he gave some lectures there.  The imam, OA, told me “You know what a penny looks like? I did not receive a penny from Majdy Wardah!”  Majdy Wardah also tried to turn me against this imam by talking bad about him.

            In January 2009, Majdy Wardah called my wife’s phone three times and left three voicemails in which he insulted us and yelled claiming the checks I returned to BH were his (Majdy Wardah's) rights.  Majdy Wardah contacted a college student from Philadelphia, who is my friend, and tried to convince the brother to lend him $3,600.  He took an oath from the brother that he keeps the matter secret between them, which is what Majdy Wardah does with everyone so that he can cover his tracks.  The brother lost Majdy Wardah’s number in Egypt and asked me for it.  I called the brother and found out what was going on.  Al-hamdulillah I was able to stop this transaction from proceeding.  Majdy Wardah would keep calling the brother and ask him many times for money and ask if the “criminal network” (those trying to stop Majdy Wardah) had gotten a hold of him.

            I called Majdy Wardah one last time in the middle of January 2009 and politely asked him not to call us again and then I told him straight forward, “I will never accept you talking to my wife like that again. Do you understand?”  I repeated the question many times, and all he did was answer back, “Is this the way to speak with manners?” I hung up on him because I could see that he was trying to manipulate me with guilt.

            Finally, we tried to warn Majdy Wardah many times, and his response was to send us verses from Surat An-Nour claiming that we are slandering him (even though it does not apply).  Majdy Wardah did not make several of the Honda Pilot payments, and the brother who was a co-signer on the car was called by Honda about the matter.  Brother BH, who was financing the car previously, told the co-signer to ask Majdy Wardah for the car back since he, Majdy Wardah, was unable to pay for the car himself.  Because the payments were not being made, the co-signer’s credit was in danger of being damaged.  Majdy Wardah told the co-signer that BH was at fault and that he was the one that put them in this situation with Honda!  I could not believe he had the audacity to blame the one who paid for his car!  Majdy Wardah should have given up the car because this brother’s credit would be damaged, but instead, he blamed others, as always.   He has kept the car for more than six months without paying for it himself.  The brother who is a co-signer to the car has had his credit damaged.  Majdy Wardah now (as of June 2009) drives a different car and has not returned the Honda nor is he willing to give the location of the car for Honda to pick it up.  Allahul must’aan!

            This is a description of the majority of what I have seen in the past five years from Majdy Wardah.  I swear by Allah this is the truth, and I do not intend to harm anyone, but rather I intend to protect other Muslims so that they would not be harmed like I was. May Allah expose Majdy Wardah and protect the Muslims from him if he does not repent, Ameen.  Revised by AE - June, 2009