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If you have had any previous experiences with Majdy Mohsin Wardah (positive or negative), we humbly request that you contact us and share with us your story as well as any supporting documents you may have to support your claims.  Rest assured that all correspondences with us will be kept strictly confidential, and none of it will be posted online without your explicit permission. 

Also, if you have just recently met Majdy Wardah, please thoroughly review everything on before making any major decisions (especially involving money and loans).  We are concerned about your interests and will do what we can to make sure you are not harmed in your deen (religion) or your finances.

Finally, if you are an imaam (leader) or in charge of a masjid / Islaamic center, know, by Allaah, that you have the biggest responsibility of all to be cautious concerning Majdy Wardah (  ).  If you were a shepherd, you would never allow a wolf to enter upon your sheep.  Similarly, you have a trust before Allaah to protect your community and its members from those who may harm them, and know that you will be held accountable before Allaah for your decisions.  We implore you not to bring Majdy Mohsin Wardah to your masjid / Islaamic center and introduce him to a new group of potential victims.  If you intend to invite him, whatever you do, please contact us before doing so.

Our email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .