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By the end of January 2009, the brothers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the surrounding states had reached their limits with Majdy Wardah's behavior and his failure to pay back the debts he owed.  The brothers decided to give Majdy Wardah (  ) an ultimatum; they told Majdy Wardah that he had to repent from what he was doing and stop borrowing money from people while living an extravagant lifestyle, or they would be forced to let those in the community know the nature of what Majdy Wardah was doing. 

In response, Majdy Wardah filed a police report against the brothers.  In the report, Majdy Wardah admits to the police that he owes many people money; this debt has accumulated over many years.  He also acknowledges his debt of nearly $30,000 to just the people he reported in the incident.  Wardah claims to the police that he is in fear for his life; however, none of the accused parties even live in the same state as Majdy Wardah, and one of the accused parties lives all the way across the country in California.  Moreover, the other involved party had not even spoken to Wardah for years prior to the incident.  Given this information, one must consider whether this seems like a reasonable or fabricated fear.  

One of the most telling aspects of this incident is the statements of the person that Majdy Wardah recommended the police call and claimed was his own "friend".  His friend (initialed "M" in the report) tells the police officer that "Majdy is destroying the Muslim community, and he is a liar."  He also asserts "that Wardah is only going to the police claiming false threats because he does not want the people he owes money to, to keep asking for it back."  If Majdy Wardah's own friends say that about him, what more evidence does the honest person need?  Does this description resemble that of someone who is firm on the truth and should be associated with?  If you are considering befriending Majdy Wardah (  ), is this the type of friend you want?

Know, by Allaah, that the brothers associated with this website have not and will not ever threaten Majdy Wardah with physical violence.  Vigilante justice is against the sunnah (example) of our Messenger and is not something this website condones in any way.  It is sufficient to disassociate with Majdy Wardah until he returns to the truth and follows our Messenger by the Will of Allaah.  

Below is a copy of the police report for this incident.  The report is in PDF file format, and you will need a PDF reader to open it.  If you do not already have a PDF reader on your computer, you can download a free PDF reader from

To save a copy of the report to your computer, right click on any of the link below, and select "Save Target As".

  1. Majdy Wardah Police Incident Report    Majdy Wardah Police Incident Report (Size: 888KB)