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As a means to appear more credible and knowledgeable, Majdy Mohsin Wardah tells those that he meets that he has a doctorate (Ph.D.).  For those that may be unfamiliar with the English abbreviation Ph.D.,  it stands for "Doctor of Philosophy" (i.e. Ph from philosophy and D from doctor or see here for the definition from Merriam-Webster Dictionary).  The statement "Doctor of Philosophy" does not imply that the topic of study for the degree itself is philosophy, but instead, it is just the name of the degree.  

Majdy Wardah wants the idea that he has a Ph.D. to spread as widely as possible so he includes it on his business card (see video above) and on flyers and posters that he has printed for his lectures. Majdy Wardah  (  ) is of the view that if people think he has a Ph.D., he will be taken more seriously, and people will be more inclined to listen to him.  

Majdy Wardah told numerous brothers that his doctorate is from the University of Wales, which is in the United Kingdom.  Concerning the topic of his doctorate studies, Majdy Wardah told the brothers two different things.  He told some people that his doctoral studies were in the English language, and he told others that his doctorate was in Islaamic Studies.  

Due to other discrepancies in what Majdy Wardah has claimed about his credentials (see also the World Muslim Congress section of, the brothers were compelled to contact the University of Wales and request a confirmation that Majdy Wardah was in fact awarded a doctorate degree from the university.  We received a letter back (see the links below)  from the school establishing unequivocally that Majdy Wardah is falsely claiming that he graduated from the University of Wales with a Ph.D. 

For legal and privacy reasons, the university could neither confirm nor deny whether Majdy Wardah ever attended the school.  However, on the original "Request for Confirmation of Award" form, we spelled Majdy Wardah's first name with a "j".  However, on the letter we received from the university, Majdy Wardah's name was spelled "Magdy", which is the typical form Majdy Wardah uses for legal purposes.  Non-Arabic speakers, like those at the university, would not know that it is common in Egypt to replace the letter "j" with the letter "g".  Therefore, there would be no reason for them to spell his name with a "g" unless his name appeared in their records of attendance with that spelling.  This fact serves then as confirmation of attendance yet a failure to graduate.  

If Majdy Wardah was the honest, sincere, pious man he claims to be, the thoughtful person must ask why would he falsify his credentials (including his Ph.D. and ties to World Muslim Congress).  Moreover, the fact that Wardah puts it so prominently on his business cards and distributed materials shows a deliberate intent to mislead and deceive.   If Majdy Wardah is willing to intentionally deceive people about himself, the sincere heart should also recognize that Majdy Wardah could be deceptive concerning borrowing and transactions.  This may be the clearest proof regarding the true nature of Majdy Wardah and how dishonest and untrustworthy he really is. 

The Messenger said:

) )

"He who deceives us is not from amongst us."
Reported by Muslim (hadeeth no. 182)

Remember this hadeeth if you decide to continue associating with Majdy Wardah after knowing about this deception.

Know by Allaah that Majdy Wardah has read this page and is trying to deceive people about what is here.  He tried to make them think that since the letter from the university states "Doctor of Philosophy" that it is incorrect.  This is just deception and know that the words in the letter "Doctor of Philosophy" is just the unabbreviated form of Ph.D. and makes no mention of the subject of study since he never graduated.  Moreover, when we submitted our original request for confirmation of award, we specified both Islaam and English as possible study topics, and the school sent back a general letter specifying that he did not receive a Ph.D. in any subject. If Majdy Wardah has evidence that he actually graduated, we ask that he send it to us so that we can give it to the university for verification and to restore his rights.

Below are copies of the request for confirmation of award we sent to the University of Wales with Majdy Wardah's name spelled with a "j" and the response from the university with his name spelled with a "g".  The phrase in the letter "Doctor of Philosophy" is the unabbreviated form of Ph.D. and is not the subject of the studies.  All of the files are in PDF file format, and you will need a PDF reader to open them.  If you do not already have a PDF reader on your computer, you can download a free PDF reader from

To save copies of these files to your computer, right click on any of the links below, and select "Save Target As".

  1. Majdy Wardah Request for Confirmation of Award   Majdy Wardah Request for Confirmation of Award (Size: 39KB)
  1. Majdy Wardah University of Wales Award Record   Majdy Wardah University of Wales Award Record (Size: 20KB)

Letter from the University of Wales Confirming Majdy Wardah Never Received a Doctorate (Ph.D)