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The following is the story of brother MA in his own words.  It has not been edited in any way.  Only his initials are posted here in order to protect him from reprisal by Majdy Wardah (  ) and to prevent damage to his reputation due to his association with Wardah.


 English Translation

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

All praise is due to Allaah, and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allaah.

To Proceed:

First – I have known Majdy Wardah for more than twenty years.  I have always dealt with him with proper conduct and manners as he is someone who calls to Islaam.

One day, Majdy Wardah proposed to the brothers and me a da'wah program that would encompass a large area across the United States of America. He stated that the program and its financing had been delayed due to some routine procedures within the Muslim World League, which was supposedly financing the project. At this point, Majdy Wardah presented his idea to the Muslims in this community, which was basically to have them finance the program with a promise that the World Muslim Congress would shortly send a check to repay them.

Majdy collected a lot of money, and I witnessed him with my own eyes take $25,000 from Adel and 'Alaa Ibraheem.

Second – One day, a brother called to warn me that Majdy Wardah is treacherous in his financial dealings. He said, “Majdy Wardah does not want loans.  Instead, he wants easy money, and he will give you perfect reasons why the matter cannot be delayed so you should be careful."   Later, Majdy Wardah called me and asked me for a loan for 25,000 Egyptian pounds for necessities in his daughter's home (who was a newlywed).  He told me that the seller refuses to take a check, and the bank is closed.  Majdy Wardah promised to pay me back the very next day when the bank opens its doors.  I told him, "I have 200 Egyptian Pounds.  Will that be sufficient?”  At this, he got upset and told me that he will ask someone else for the money.

Third – About a year and a half ago, I had a private meeting with Majdy Wardah.  I told him, "I love you for Allaah's sake, and I love for you that which I love for myself.  You have to be careful concerning two matters: 1. You must have your wife with you all the time (I said this because of some things I saw with my own eyes that I will not mention here) 2. You must pay back your debts."  He replied, "With regards to the first issue, I am busy calling to Allaah (da'wah) and surrounded by my students.  As for the second issue, my total debts are $1,000,000 (one million US dollars).  It is on my neck.  I am paying it back, and I am timely in paying it back." I was afraid by this large debt, and I made du'aa for him.  Later, I found out that he is not paying back his debts and that he is actually increasing the amount of his debt.

Fourth – Approximately a year ago, Majdy Wardah asked me about a business project I was involved with. I told him that I was thinking about opening a Dunkin Donuts, and the company requires $750,000 for the franchise fees. I told him that some of the brothers collected $450,000, and the remaining amount is $300,000.  Majdy Wardah said that he would give me this money under one condition – that I not tell the brothers from the state of New Jersey about the money.

Fifth – Majdy Wardah called me from Egypt some months ago requesting that I deposit $10,000 into his bank account because some organizations were asking him for it. He said that he would have to shorten his vacation so that he could return to the United States to pay this organization and then go back to complete his vacation. He then mentioned that he has a lot of money in the United States. I excused myself from this responsibility with some valid reasons.

Sixth – Majdy Wardah coincidentally called me while I was on my way to visit Adel Ibraheem in the hospital in New Jersey.  Adel recently had a stroke which paralyzed him, and the only thing he could do is talk.  We ask Allaah, the Most High, to cure our beloved brother, ameen.  I asked Majdy Wardah to pay back the debt he had with Adel because he has two young kids, a one year old and a two year old.  About sixteen years had passed on this debt and Adel's family was in a tight financial situation and was unable to make their house payments.  I went even further to warn Majdy Wardah about the punishments of his actions.  Majdy Wardah acted like he was very touched and took an oath that if he knew a place where he could sell his foot or his hand so that he could pay Adel back, then he would do it.  Majdy Wardah started to complain to me about some brothers who were warning about him (this was the initial reason why he called me because he was certain that I was one of those brothers). He invited me to have a meeting with him so that I may listen and advise him.  He promised that he would act upon everything that I advised him with. and that he will pay me back as soon as he arrived.

I tried to get something out of him and so I told him to show me that which I love so that I may show him that which he loves (in other words asking him to act upon his words).  I told him, "Pay back Adel's debt, and I will defend you, carry you on my back, and face everyone with my chest (i.e. fight for you)."  Majdy Wardah promised that he would find a solution to paying back Adel and told me to wait for a phone call from him regarding the matter.

After an hour, Majdy Wardah left me a voicemail stating that he had talked with his lawyer about the issue and threatened to take action against Adel.  Majdy Wardah also went to the police and filed a report against Adel.  At this point, I made a decision not to talk to him again because there is no benefit. The police called me and some other brothers, including Alaa' Ibraheem (the brother of Adel Ibraheem). The call was to investigate the complaint that Majdy Wardah had put forth, in which he [Majdy Wardah] accused the two brothers [Alaa' and Adel] of threatening to kill him.  Since that day, Majdy Wardah has not paid a single dollar back to Adel Ibraheem and has not sold his hand or his foot. Rather, he sold his honor and his dignity and more than this, and Allaah knows best.




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