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 The following is the story of brother AH in his own words.  It has not been edited in any way.  Only his initials are posted here in order to protect him from reprisal by Majdy Wardah (  ) and to prevent damage to his reputation due to his association with Wardah.


            I met Majdy Wardah while in college, but I began to see him on a more consistent basis in late 2003.

            Around February 2004, Majdy Wardah claimed that he owned a cell phone store (in partnership with someone else).  He told me that the business would be shut down if he did not pay the rent of $2,500.  I borrowed money from my friends in order to loan him this sum.  He assured me that he would be getting money soon and that he would pay me back very shortly.

            Then again, after about a week, Majdy Wardah mentioned to me that his American Express card was not working because he did not pay his bill.  He enlisted my generosity, and I offered to loan him all of the money I had at the time, which was $3,500.  Again, he promised to pay me back shortly.

            At this point, he owed me $6,000.  Throughout the next few months, he tried many times to borrow more money from me, but I did not have any money to give him.  Also, he would often ask me to pick up the check when we went out or take me with him on errands such as grocery shopping and ask me to pay the bill.

            Around May 2004, he called me many times from Egypt and asked me to deposit $1,100 in his Fleet (now Bank of America) account.  He said that he needed this money to cover a check that he already sent for rent but did not have enough money in the account to cover.  This made the total debt $7,100

            In 2005 (I believe, it may have been later), he contacted me and asked me to take some money to his family in Egypt because he knew that I would be traveling there to visit my family.  He came to meet me and give me the money.  He felt that I was surprised that he could send his family money, but he owed me $7,100 and had never paid me back.  At that time he gave me $1,000, making the total amount he still owes me $6,100.

            Majdy Wardah expressed to me on many occasions that he wanted to find a good paying job that does not require too much work. He pushed me to ask Imams at different Masjids to hire him as a Mofti and Religious Advisor at their Masjid or Islamic School, and the pay should not be less than $50,000.  I told him that this is a very large amount of money to ask for since all Masajid and Islamic Schools are nonprofit organizations, and they are all suffering.

            I convinced one imam of a big masjid and Islamic school to offer Majdy Wardah a "bummer" job, I even drove the imam to Wardah’s house. I only wanted Majdy Wardah to be useful in life!  The Imam talked to Majdy Wardah and offered him a job in the school with a promise to minimize his work load along with a residence close to the masjid. Majdy Wardah yelled at him and blamed him because Wardah considered it an insult for the Imam to come to his house and offer him a job for $19,000 (the top salary for a certified, experienced teacher at the school) and a residence for doing basically nothing!!! Majdy Wardah kept bargaining and giving the Imam a hard time, until he left his house.

            Majdy Wardah refused the offer because it would have tightened up "his schedule" and dawah plans/trips. I advised him to take the residence at least, since his landlord for the apartment he resided in was kicking him out because he was not paying rent. He expressed by gestures and sarcasm that it would not be suitable for him to live in that neighborhood (it is a poor neighborhood), and he told me, “Do you want me to live in East Orange??” (in a sarcastic voice).  He said, “” (“Mayenfaa'sh” - “It is not suitable.”) indicating it would be below him to live in such a place.

            I swear that this story concerning Majdy Wardah is the truth.